Request a Patient Portal account from your provider

Brady Keeter -

Today, most providers and health care facilities have a Patient Portal. Portals are a great way to securely and conveniently communicate with providers and staff and receive important clinical information following your visits.

If your provider has a Patient Portal but you do not yet have an account, you have a couple of options:

  1. Place a call to the practice and ask them to send you an invitation to join their portal. Once you receive the invitation follow the steps to create your account and begin accessing your data. It is important to note that clinical information is not typically shared with you until after a visit with your provider, so you may not have data available immediately.
  2. Visit your provider's website and see if you can create your account there.

Once you have activated your portal account and have credentials, find your provider or health facility in Plus and re-enter those credentials when prompted. This will finalize the connection to Plus.

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